Secret Scotland

Date(s) - 16/10/2010
9:00 am

Room 202, Department of English


Day Workshop sponsored by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

Papers presented:

Gordon Pentland, ‘Clandestine Drilling in Early Nineteenth-Century Scotland’
Penny Fielding, ‘Scotland, Spies and Sedition 1790-1820’

Andrew Prescott., ‘Masons, Curlers and Golfers: Secret Sociabilities in Scotland, 1550-1850′
Nigel Leask, ‘Antic-queer-ones’: Scottish Antiquarian Networks in the late 18th Century’

James Watt, ‘Roslin and Gothic Tourism’
Pauline Gray, ‘Burns and Bawdry’

Janet Sorensen, ‘Obscurity and Open Secrets in Scots Poetic Language’

Response: Murray Pittock